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I am in the market for an MP3 player, and have been researching various tech sites, along with checking various forums like this one.
I have (in the Creative line) been looking at the Micro and Touch, since I've been reading about the ongoing Micro headphone jack issue, I'm leaning towards the Touch, (quite a few retailers are showing very low prices for it now.)
A couple questions, I know the Touch has been out awhile, is there going to be a subscription music update (not a big deal for me if not, but was curious) or is the firmware updates about over with, does it show up as a separate dri've letter? I'm also guessing the headphone problem is not prevalent on the player, although I'm still considering the Micro (a gamble?).
Thank you for your help.

The Best Answer

Thanks for your help. I was scouring the FAQ's along with a link SSR has posted in regard to I will probably not purchase a Creative product, although I will consider them in the future. I do work with someone who has had a older model xtra, and he said it has worked great for two years. After reading the forums on this, and another site in regard to the headphone jack issue, I guess it makes me too jittery to purchase a Micro (which I think I would've chosen over a Touch).
I replaced a Rio,and noticed a site that still has one in stock (Carbon) for a price under $200USD. Rio is closing it's doors, so the last firmware update it released this summer will be it's last, but I liked Rio in the past, and if this fails, and will then replace it possibly with a Creative product.
Thanks again for your help.
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