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Z10 calendar entries can't be deleted

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
On getting my Z10 I performed a device swop using Blackberry Link from from Blackberry 9860 running OS 7.1.
It was a virtual failure, only copying a few pieces of data, no contacts at all and only a few calendar entries, which were from 2011. On my Z10 I delete these old entries, some of which are recurring ones, only to find that when I restart my phone they all return. I have tried battery pulls and editing them so they no longer are recurring entries but nothing works. I start the phone in the morning and they all return.
Can anyone help?

The Best Answer

Hey Joolone,
Welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums.
Thanks for the question.
Are these calendar entries synchronized with any email accounts?  Like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail?
If they are, I would suggest turning off Wireless synchronization and then remove the calendar entries and test. 
Go to Setting>Accounts and delete the calendar account.
I look forward to your reply.
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