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Xmp to DNG?

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I belive when you choose (Libarary>Catalog Settings>Metadata>Automatically Write Changes Into XMP) the changes to the metadata is also written into a DNG file.
I change my photos to DNG upon import so I was looking for the setting to auto write changes to file.  Checking the box above did what I wanted, at least in LR3, but I think this should be made clear in the settings dialogue.
I know when i have made suggestions before I discovered what I wanted was already there but I just didn't find it.  I'm assuming that the DNG files contains something called XMP but it wasn't clear to me that the setting above would write to the dng file or create a sidecar file.  My suggestion is that the Catalog settings dialogue makes this clear so one wouldn't wonder what to check.  Unless I'm sending xmp files back and forth to an editor whom already has the camera raw file, which I don't, it shouldn't be expected that I even know what an XMP file is.

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jim01403 wrote:
I believe the metadata written to the DNG would be the same as written to a sidecar, BUT neither of them would be the complete set of metadata that is stored in the catalog. Specifically: Flags, VCs, collection membership, develop history, stacks plus some panel switches, are not written to the file by "Auto Write XMP", or the manual Ctrl-S operation.
Moving from LR to ACR, I do see develop settings updating in the DNG with Auto XMP on, that is good. But no a Snapshot. Using Command (control) S does update the snapshot. Interesting! There is no Develop History in ACR so I assume you are correct since Snapshots don’t appear to update with the auto XMP setting.
I suspect that the Save Metadata command for DNG might update everything expect the preview for the JPEG. It is pretty fast to operate while using the Update Metadata and Preview command takes more time for obvious reasons.
If I have this correct, with your help, I’d suggest we have three options:
1. Auto update XMP. Provides the same update for DNG as raws with sidecar files but as you point out, doesn’t update everything. Some data is within the catalog.
2. Save Metadata to File* (Command/Control S). Updates all (?) the other items expect the embedded preview (a size one sets in preferences). Here is where I’m not totally clear what does or doesn’t update the DNG that lives in the catalog. I’m not sure everything is necessary to update anyway (there are no VC’s in ACR or for that matter other converters so I see no need in specifying this data).
3. Update DNG Metadata and Preview*: Saves all of the above into the DNG.
*Only accessible from Library which is kind of a limitation. It would be really nice if one could ask for option 2 and/or option 3 along with the Auto update XMP preferences for DNG users. Then as you edit your DNG, when the system is presumably idle, all that data could be updated into the DNG. Option 3 will invoke a speed hit, option 2 seems to be as quick as option 1.
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