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good evening, everyone,
i'm trying to use Xnest to spawn a new X server in a window. i did this years back, and there were no problems. now all i get is a black screen. the first command i used was this:
Xnest :1 -geometry 800x600
after some googling i found out that Xnest is considered to be obsolete in most distros, so i should use Xephyr instead. okay, so i typed:
Xephyr :1
blank screen again. so after some more searching, i found a post on some forum suggesting the use of:
Xephyr :1 -query localhost -host-cursor -screen 800x600
still just a black screen. so, someone on another forum said the following worked for him:
Xephyr :1 -query -screen 800x600
same old black screen. i tried starting a window manager (Xnest blablabla & exec mwm), and the large hourglass of mwm showed up for a sec, but then.. you guessed it. blank screen.
so i started reading the errors on the console. the one repeated lots of times was:
(EE) config/hal: NewInputDeviceRequest failed (2)
Ignoring device from HAL.
now i'm stuck. i understand that this has to do something with hal, but that doesn't help me at all. i've seen some bug reports for fedora and ubuntu on the net, but no solution ('works for me' and 'i can confirm it' are not solutions).
can someone help me with this?
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The Best Answer

It's a black screen because nothing is running in it. (It doesn't source .xinitrc)
And this: "Xnest blablabla & exec mwm" runs mwm in the current DISPLAY
I use this:
Xephyr :1 -terminate -screen 1280x1024 &
sleep 2
DISPLAY=:1 xterm