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Writing result set to .csv file

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I am writing a result set(date and a message as a string)
if(rs!= null){
                date = new java.util.Date();
                String logDate = sdf.format(date);
                File log = new File(logDate+".csv");
                writer = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter(log));
           // 5) Move to first record (and then next) record.
              writer.write(rs.getString(1) + "," + rs.getString(2) + "\n");
1. 2008-03-31 error during
The problem is when I write this to a .csv file, when opened with excel, the date appears as
If I right click the column, and select format, I can format the date properly, but I don't want to do this.
Any suggestions?

The Best Answer

##### is what Excel usually displays when it can't display the entire cell contents in the width of the column. Try expanding the column in Excel and see if the date appears.
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