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Wireless Security & Authentication methods

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I've some experience on WLAN Networks, but I would like to have your opinion around Wireless Security implemenations.
We have several sites where we have some Cisco Access points running IOS. We are currently doing WEP 128b, with Mac-Authentication against a central ACS Server.
But having fixed WEP, and mac registrations is not very practical.
Do you know about any method to have authentication against Active Directory (passing through the Cisco ACS), and Dynamic WEP Keys ?
Any recommendation is welcome.
Of course with this we would like to bring up our level of security.
Thanks a lot for all,
Best Regards,

The Best Answer

802.1x/EAP authentication is the most popular authentication method in wireless. The following documents explain how to configure EAP authentication.

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