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Windows Properties; checking Search Tab to show in output

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
When I check the Search tab checkbox so the search tab will show in my chm output, it is not visible. Any idea why? Can someone help with this issue?

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Hi there
Sorry it seems confusing. As you may imagine, it's sometimes a bit on the difficult side to get into the mindset of someone unfamiliar when you have been using a product and technology for so long.
I'll try to help with the questions.
As for any need to have any file open when the report is generated, the answer is no. The diagnostics looks at the HTML Help compiler setup only. And in thinking about that, it may warrant a bit of explaining.
When you generate a CHM file, you actually work with a combination of products. RoboHelp for sure, but also the Microsoft HTML Help compiler. That's usually where the issue is when searching breaks. A component of something created and supplied by Microsoft breaks. That's what the MJ's Diags is supposed to do. You aren't expected to make any sense of the diagnostics. The process of running the diags also sometimes corrects the issue. That's why it's suggested.
As for uninstalling the HHW, I believe it's like any other Windows application. You go to where you would uninstall any other app in Windows and locate the HTML Help Worksop on the list and uninstall. Then you install the new version.
So give these steps a try and see if they help.
Cheers... Rick