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Windows phone (lumia 930) cannot receive office365 email (company email) via internetional data roaming

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
when I travelled overseas, i found I cannot receive the office365 (company) email via mobile data roaming (even with manual sync), only can get email via WIFI. The internet access is OK, I even can receive the hotmail / gmail / yahoo

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Lumia 520 - Video playback issues with new IE browser after WP8.1 upgrade
As title says, I'm experiencing many issues in my Nokia Lumia 520 with the new IE browser included in the Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade.
As example, the following page has an embedded video that when I try to play the audio starts but the display comes absolutely black and doesn't respond to the windows button,back,search, anything.... The only way to regain control is pressing the lock/unlock button to restore and reinitiate the browser app:
As this example many other websites with videos content like Coursera or Edx my phone has issues to play the content using this new video player embedded in the IE browser included in Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade (Nokia Cyan).
Notes that before this upgrade I haven't any issue with videos reproduction in the browser part of Windows Phone 8 (Nokia Amber).
There is more people experience this kind of problems with videos in the browser?
This is annoying, I'm enrolled in many MOOC courses and my phone was the ideal device to visualize the videos but after the WP8.1 upgrade this use is impossible.
I had no issues with Youtube website, so I don't know if this is an issue with specific kind of video format like flash(flv),mp4 vs. html5,etc. What I know is that my Lumia with WP8 had no issues with this websites,no matter the full-screen approach, but now with WP8.1 is a painful experience.
I would like to know the experience of other users about this topic.
Thanks and I hope Microsoft/Nokia dev team see that and fix asap