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Windows Cryptographic Service Provider - error code: 2148532334 (Windows 8.1)

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
since my computer was recently updated from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 I have a problem with placing my signature (via certifcates).
Before the update I could sign all my pdf-files with my electronic identity card - without issues.
Now I receive a window: "windows-security" which says: Smartcarderror (some required programmes are not installed on the system).
When I click "cancel" I get the error code in subject.
Another card reader is not changing anything, neither another smartcard (id-card).
Please advise, as signing pdf-files is very important for our company.
Thanks. Willem Van Lommel
NB: in my opinion all other updates are done without troubles.
NB2: please find herewith some prt scns (in Dutch):
1. before a smartcard was pushed in the cardreader:
2. after the smartcard was added (same when card was added to other cardreader)
3. because "ok" didn't result in anything -> you have to click "cancel - annuleren" or on the red X (at the right corner), then the result is:

The Best Answer

If by "Adboe X Pro" you mean Acrobat, you are more likely to get a useful reply if you ask in the Acrobat forum.
All I can tell you that this error (0x80100068) means "The smart card has been reset, so any shared state information is invalid."