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Windows 7 network issues accessing shared/mapped drives.

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I have three Thinkpads running on my home wireless network.  Two are running XP.  One - a new W520 is on Windows 7-64.  I have no issues with the XP machines.  The Win7 machine is having problems with the wireless network connection.  It's not that I lose the network - the status is connected with a good signal.  The problem is when retrieving or saving files from my server (running XP with shared/mapped drives) I get errors reading and writing files.  Just opening the shared drive in My Computer on occasion displays nothing, as if it knows the drive is there, but can't read it.  Sometimes it displays the folders but then will take an extremely long time if I try to open a folder.  Another issue is if I try to print, the job rarely completely sends to the printer.  If I plug in directly to the printer via USB, the file prints.   
This has to be an issue with Windows 7 and something in the wireless setup, doesn't it?
I've searched for solutions all over the network.  It seems this is a common Win7 problem with no well defined solution.  I've had the issue since the very first day, but today, I'm just about ready to backrev to XP after losing 2 hours of work on a Photoshop file!
To date (over the last month) this is what I've done:
Disabled the IP6 stack.
Turned off power management to shutdown the wireless card.
Updated to the latest Intel drivers for the Ultimate-N 6300 AGN adapter (direct from Intel.) 
Today, I ran this, netsh interface tcp set global rss=disabled but still have the network drive issue plus am having issues browsing web pages.  It's getting worse instead of better.
Anyone familiar with this issue on a Thinkpad with known solutions or recommendations?
Thank you!

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You may need to Disable UAC On Windows 7 . Please refer Below Link for more Details
Hope This Helps