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Windows 7 displays error message when exiting +cursor issue

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Two issues here. CS5 Phoshop on Wind 7 64 bit.
Physical processor count: 8
Processor speed: 3073 MHz
Built-in memory: 12279 MB
Free memory: 9577 MB
Memory available to Photoshop: 10934 MB
Memory used by Photoshop: 80 %
Image tile size: 128K
First issue is since the latest automatic Adobe update (why fix what isn't broken?) Every time I now exit Photoshop I get the message "Adobe QT Server has stoped working" and occasionally it happens when I exit bridge. Indesign is also behaving badly. I can no longer start a previous document from file manager without ID crashing out.
The other is the cursors in Clone and erase lose their edge (become invisable) for no reason - well not quite. Noise Ninja crashed Photoshop when I tried to use it. I reinstalled it and all is well. The cursor issue seems to be intermittant but came back (for no reason) after I reinstalled NN. I can't seem to change the cursor, no matter what I do. The problem is now seriously affecting how I work. Almost enough to go back to Win XP which ran CS5 Photoshop flawlessly.
Any help will be gratefully accepted.

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doug87510 wrote:
The recent problem is the entire outline of the cursor (including the crosshair in the middle) was missing at any size of cursor. All I had was exactly what I'd get if I used a real spraygun.
Well, that issue is simply a matter of hitting the Caps Lock key.  When Caps Lock is on, you'll see the cursor outline, and when it is off you'll see a crosshair.  That's a feature, not a bug.
Glad to hear the 11.1 drivers are out.  I will download them and try them now myself.
Regarding "Adobe QT" crashing...  QT brings to mind QuickTime, though that is Apple, not Adobe.  Do you have Apple QuickTime installed?
Regarding memory usage, with 12 GB of installed RAM, you should be able to set Photoshop to use 90% or more in Edit - Preferences - Performance.