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Why is FlashUtil64_17_0_0_169_ActiveX.exe running on my computer?

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Can anyone tell me why Adobe Flash Player behaves like Malware
No this is not one of those fake immitators, I have scanned my PC and installed from
What I am talking about is the way that Adobe launches an update process DESPITE the fact that I have told it NO UPDATES.
What do I have to do to get Adobe to cease and desist from running programs on my PC WITHOUT Permission
Adobe Flash Player Installer/Uninstaller 17.0r0
I installed Flash on both Firefox and Internet Explore,
Incidentally BOTH gave me an error saying
but continued to install
How do I KILL this thing once and for all from running without permission,  I cannot see it in Services or In Task Scheduler or MSConfig
In control panel there is a Flash Player 32 bit) which is strange as I am running a 64bit version of Windows, when loaded it says
"Flash Player Settings Manager"
it has an Update Tab that says Notify me to install update,
Well I do not mind Adobe checking once a day, I DO NOT want yet another process clogging up my PC, slowing it down, freezing my PC etc.
So how do I get rid of this?

The Best Answer

FlashUtil64_xxx.exe is the ActiveX broker process.  There was a build system bug a while back that applied the wrong description string to the process during packaging.
It's really the ActiveX broker, which is necessary for process separation (a security in-depth thing).
I've opened the following bug on your behalf to get the description corrected:
I also updated the title to more accurately reflect the issue and help others with similar questions.