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Why does my playhead return to the initial position when pausing/stopping playback after playing from beginning?

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     How do I prevent the playhead from returning to it's original position after pausing or stopping with the spacebar or k button?  With either the skimmer on or off, whenever I pause or stop the **** playhead will always return to the position it was last at.  I don't understand why neither of the shortcuts would just stop the playhead at the point that is being played at.  This may seem like an extremely edgy way to go about editing, but I might actually wish to pause the playhead at any given moment and position my playhead nearby said moment before creating an edit point (without having to add a marker and return to it with the blade tool, or take note of the specific duration and use the duration control to go to that specific point or any other unnecessary steps when doing a rough cut).  I simply would like the playhead to pause/stop at the moment I press either keyboard shortcut.  After the many attempts at trying to make FCP X work for me and the many "workarounds" by FCPX enthusiasts, it's disheartening to know that most other editors in my circle who make a living doing paid commercial work are wondering why I've decided to take a break from using CS6 (and it's integration with the industry-standard AE) to give FCP X a shot, all to make very simple tasks like the one aforementioned a mystery...  any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for your response Luis and for your previous help (regarding multiple selections being added to the timeline in reverse order when working in list view in the event browser).
Yes i've trashed my preferences, but I should be more specific as to what I am actually doing.  Because I am working from my macbook pro and do not have a "home button" which was the original shortcut to "play from/go to beginning" and because I did not like the replacement shortcut in FCP X to play from beginning (without a home button it was something like Function + Shift something else on a laptop) I became used to Adobe Premiere CS6 and made the return key my "play from beginning" shortcut.  It was available and did not have a use by itself (only to confirm changes/choices), did not effect it's use in conjunction with other shorctus so I choose enter as my "play from/go to beginning"...
So when I play from the beginning and attempt to pause or stop the playhead, regardless of how I choose to do it (spacebar or k) it does not stop at that specific instance and always returns to where it previously was.  This seems very confusing and inconvenient, I would hope at least one of these shortcuts would actually stop the playhead where it was at that moment where I press stop or pause.  It's extremely frustrating knowing that I cannot pause the playhead where it's playing if I choose my "play from beginning" shortcut.
Also since you seem to be a guru and an expert, i'd like to know if you cut with FCPX on a laptop and what shortcut you use whenever you'd like the playhead to go to the beginning of the timeline, end, etc since there are no "home" or "end" buttons on a laptop....
Thanks a million, talk soon...