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Why can't I print a card from iPhoto?

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I have always been able to print cards I design straight to my printer but today I seem to only be able to print the elements I placed in the card. The design elements are not printing.
Has this function been removed so we have to buy the card?

The Best Answer

I made a birthday card using photos from my iPhoto files and using a template used many times before. When I pressed the print button, I found that the only things displayed in the preview and consequently when printed, are the photo and the words that I placed in the template. The actual card elements from the programme (ie the textures, pictures and colours that are usually present in the card) are strangely absent. It makes for a pretty boring printout of a photo and some disjointed words with no cohesion. I have tried another template and the same thing happened.
I have also tried to save it as a PDF and the resulting printout was the same.
I may be wrong but it looks like Apple are removing the option to print our own cards, so that we use their online printing service and make shedloads of money from what used to be a free component of the programme.