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Where do I find the "plug in" for IE in the adobe program,

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After countless hours trying to get on line pdfs to open in IE8 on XP SP3 uninstalling, installing lastest versions of reader, IE8, and changing settings ad nausium, I am still only able to get them to open in Fire Fox. Looking through all the program files and contents I am only able to find a plug in for Fire Fox, which may answer the problem, as I can't find any for IE. Where would it be hidden and what would the file name be

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AFter clicking the web link, the window goes blank (black) and a message appears something to the affect " Adobe not installed if it is running exit and retry (1014:1014) with an OK button.
Retrying of course results in the same thing. DId it with version 9, 10, and 11, now all uninstalled with only 11 installed now. Haven't navigated to the correct path as shown in your post will try that later.
edit added:
in the path given 4 files found
Acropdf.dll PDF Browser Control
AcroIE Helpershim.dll