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When will be released BS39SP1 ?

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Any body know - When will be released BS39SP1 ?

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Is it also possible to connect to bm38sp5 servers with the vista 32bit vpn
"mysterious" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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> serg wrote:
>> Any body know - When will be released BS39SP1 ? Serg
> Hi, the file is available to public download as beta:
> It contains fixes for all known issues and includes some new features as
> vpn client for vista, support for non anonymous ftp over http, etc.
> The only fix that it is not yet included is the one related to
> Surfcontrol. Last info from SF required some code changes and it could not
> be made for this beta but it will be included in the official released
> build over 2-3 weeks, depending the feedback novell get about this beat
> build
> Thanks
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