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When to use servlets / when applets

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hi there,
building a web application when do I use servlet technology and when applets? What are the arguments to let me choose between them? Or combine both servlets and applets? Any ideas/URLs are welcome.

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is it a matter how powerful my servermachine is?
No, not really, but an applet will use the processor on the client and the servlet will use the server's cpu, so that could potentially be an issue for you.
or a matter of security or whatever?
There are security issues with Applets, as they cannot access system resources, but neither can Servlets, so I think that's a non issue.
What exactly do you need to do with the data once you get it out of the database? THAT is the real question! If you want to fetch data and then display the data as text or HTML in a browser, use a servlet. If you need the client to interact with the data in a more sophisticated way, use an Applet. With an Applet, you can put buttons and sliders and whatever and control things, and interact with the application. But a Servlet is not an application, nor is it interactive. A Servlet is called, it gets parameters from an HTTP client, and then it responds, and it's done. An Applet has runtime, and stays running, to interact with the client indefinitely.
I'll give you a real world example. With a Servlet, you might output a web page to a browser, and show an advertisement somewhere on the page. However, an Applet could show an advertisement, and update that ad every few seconds or so, and show one after another, like a slideshow. Even better, an Applet could go get a BRAND NEW ad that was just put in the database and get the new ad at runtime, showing up to the minute results. An Applet could do a stock ticker program, Servlet cannot. Get the difference?
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