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When linking a BP and Customer, it complains about creating the customer

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I am using transaction FLBPD2 to link an existing business partner to an existing FI customer using a business partner role.
It returns the error: Customer 0000200000 already exists
Message no. FLBP155
You tried to create a business partner in a customer role. The system has been set up in Customizing in such a way that the number selected for the business partner is to be transferred to the customer.
Transaction FLBPD2 is used to link existing BPs to FI customers, not to creating the FI customer! What is causing this?

The Best Answer

Hi Lucas and thanks for the reply.
I think my problem is DNS related. I don't know why but the following code stop to work properly when I installed a new OCMS instance with a diferent realm (I was using and now I'm using the same domain as my company, I put "" in the hosts.config file and the only thing that stopped working is the creation of new requests within the SipServlet.
The code:
SipApplicationSession applicationSession =
Address to = req.getTo();
Address from =
SipServletRequest request =
getSipFactory().createRequest(applicationSession, "MESSAGE",
from, to);
Object content = req.getContent();
String contentType = req.getContentType();
request.setContent(content, contentType);
SipServletResponse response =
req.createResponse(200, "Enderecos trocados!");