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When importing photos from aperture photos are blurry

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I have been making a video and up to now no problems. Then today i was working on it and when i started adding some more photos from aperture they were fuzzy and blurry.
In aperture they are crisp and clear but the minute i put them in imovie they are blurry and not useable.
I have imported photos from aperture and iphoto both and had no issues so not sure what is going on today.

The Best Answer

I think I just figured this out.
Go into Aperture preferences and go to "previews" tab.  Set "photo preview" to "don't limit" and turn the quality all the way up.  Then select all your photos, go to the "photos" menu, hold down the option key and click "generate previews".
It appears that the library sharing is just using the generated previews from Aperture which default to poor quality.  You need to turn up the quality and then force a re-render of all your previews.  iMovie should pick this up (but won't update your slideshow...).
Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed by those defaults.   Wasted hours of my time as I rebuilt the slideshow with better versions of my photos.
Hope that helped.