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When I export photos, the dates are sometimes changed

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When I export photos from iPhoto, the date information seems to get lost for some of my photos.  For example, I have an event with four photos taken on January 30, 2006.  In iPhoto they show up with that date.  When I export the original photos from the event, I get jpeg image files with a creation date of January 1, 2000, and with no date information in the EXIF data.
I understand that the creation date of the file may not be date/time that the photo was taken, but in that case the info should be in the EXIF data, shouldn't it?  iPhoto has that data somewhere. How do I get it to export it?
This only happens with some of my photos, btw.
I'm using iPhoto '11, version 9.4.3.

The Best Answer

If you changed the dates in iPhoto then when you did it you had the option to write to the Original. You could try that again, say, adding an hour to the time or somesuch, and this time check the box to 'Modify Original Files'.
Otherwise, exporting the originals will export precisely that... Tha files as imported.
Current has poor support for metadata. That's what you get from a media browser - so it's designed for dragging images into word processing documents or a casual email to grandma - in other words times when the exif doesn't matter.
If you export as Jpeg (or tiff) you should get the dates.
This User Tip
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