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What is the Smart Playlist

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I read about the Smart Playlist all the time..what exactly is that? Also
what is the on the go playlist? I just have my playlists that I made.
Sorry it's such a silly question..but I'm still learning.
Thanks for any responses!

The Best Answer

A smart playlist is one that you construct using rules, rather than adding songs to the list manually. From iTunes, create a new smart playlist (File menu, as I recall), and fill in some rules. For example:
Genre is Rock AND
last_played is not in past 1 month
There are pull-down lists for most of the options; it isn't hard to figure out.
This is a very powerful tool for organizing your collection, without spending much effort on playlist construction.
Be aware that there's a bug on the iPhone and Touch, where the 'select by' rule gets things backwards (e.g. most recent <-> least recent). If you avoid that option on the smart playlist setup, you should be fine. There are also reports of problems with 'live update' on these playlists, but they don't seem to affect everyone.