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What is Node Manager ?

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I have been reading documents on Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g. At lot of places 'Node Manager' is mentioned across these documents.
Please can someone explain here what is Node Manager and what it is its role in OFMW 11g ?

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Hi Mayur,
For more details please refer to:
<b><font color=maroon> What is NodeManager?</font></b>
A Node Manager process is not associated with a specific WebLogic domain but with a machine. Node Manager process to control server instances in any WebLogic Server domain until the server instances reside on the same machine as the Node Manager process.
Node Manager is a WebLogic Server utility that enables you to start, shut down, and restart Administration Server and Managed Server instances from a remote location. Although Node Manager is optional, it is recommended if your WebLogic Server environment hosts applications with high availability requirements.
A Node Manager process is not associated with a specific WebLogic domain but with a machine. You can use the same Node Manager process to control server instances in any WebLogic Server domain, as long as the server instances reside on the same machine as the Node Manager process.
<b><font color=maroon>Why We Need Nodemanagers?</font></b>
1). It can Start, Shut Down, and Restart an Administration Server which has assigned a Machine.
2). It can Start, Shut Down, and Restart an Managed Server which has assigned a Machine.
3). It can Restart Administration and Managed Servers. (Crash Recovery of Servers is an Interesting feature)
4). It can be used to Monitor Servers and View Log Data
<b><font color=maroon>Types of NodeManagers?</font></b>
*1). Java Based Nodemanager:* This can be used in Windiows as well as UNIX based Operating systems. Java Based Node Manager is not supported on Open VMS, OS/390, AS400, UnixWare, or Tru64 UNIX.
*2). Script Based Nodemanager:* This nodemanager can be used in UNIX based operating systems. The advantage of the script-based Node Manager is that it can remotely manage servers over a network that has been configured to use SSH.
For More Information on NodeManager please refer to:
Jay SenSharma
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