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Website Storage Settings Panel generates script error message

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I am using Chrome, XP sp3 and the latest flash
When I click on the Website Storage Settings Panel here: l
the panel starts loading but after a few seconds I get a pop up with the following message:
A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash player to sun slowly.  If it continutes to run, your computer may become unresponsive.  Do you want to abort the script? Y\N
Actually, all the settings panels do the same, but I discovered it while attempting to use the above.
Aborting the script causes the Panel box to go crazy, with it running like a very fast movie through many different looks and nothing is able to be clicked on.
Not aborting the script causes my computer to become unresponsive as warned.
I have cleared the cache before doing this.
Same thing happens in Firefox - which I use when Chrome doesn't work.
Same thing happens in IE - which I do not use.
No idea what to do - definitely welcome suggestions!!!!
Thank you.

The Best Answer

Because you mention Safari I want to pass along this post by VIDEOTRANS from another thread.***************************************************************************************I found a fix for the streaming failure.... 422 error.  I my case it was AVAST anti-virus that blocked Comcast's server from streaming the content to my   Mac Book.  I added the server address:   to the excluded server list in the Web Shield preferences.  Now the streaming works on every channel...  By excluding ther comcast server it allowed the stream to play in my browser, and no longer blocks it.... YAY!***************************************************************************************Here is a link to the other thread.