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Websharing between Networked computers

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
We have 2 Macs (g4 and g5) networked by Ethernet connection.
A website is published on the one machine and accessible and fine if I open it via Safari from the machine where the website resides.
Filesharing is on in both machines
Websharing is on in both machines
When I try to access computer A (the one with the resident website) from comuter B via Safari by entering the relevant IP address, I get an unformatted version of the website.
If I type in the IP address and full pathway to the index.html file, I get an error message that I don't have permission to access the file. This also goes for the 'Sites' folder as well.
If I check the 'sites' folder and 'index.html' folder themselves, permissions are read and write.
Am I having a permissions issue, or what seems to be going on? why can I access the user file, but not the next two articles in the heirarchy (sites and index file) if they aren't specifically protected?
PS The http port lists as open on computer A

The Best Answer

I can't think of ANYTHING in InDesign that would change the font specifications when you move the same file from machine to machine. Style defintions and are file-specific.
Can you show us some screen shots of the style defintion dialogs and some actual text on two different computers where this is happening?
And tell us which version of ID and OS, please.