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Wait time within a While Loop

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I was always under the impression that Wait Timers (e.g. Wait and Wait Ms Multiple) always executed last within a while loop. As I'm reading up on timing of real-time loops I'm finding that NI suggested using a stacked sequence structure to force timing to run last. Has my assumption of wait timer execution been wrong all this time or do PC and RT systems differ in how loops handle timing?

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So, ok, coming back on this.
Attached you find a small example to show my remarks in the previous post.
How to use it:
The main focus is in the first iterations once "Wait now!" is pressed. So it is usually not of interest to run the "waiting" for more than 5-10 iterations.
In order to see an "understandable" behavior, i suggest to wait at least 100ms. I configured "Time To Wait" to be at least 10 (coercing).
The second focus is "Time Value".
For "Wait (ms)", the "Time Value" will have any number, but increase each iteration by the amount of "Time To Wait".
For "Wait Until Next Multiple (ms)", "Time Value" will be initialized to a value, which is a integer multiple of the "Time To Wait" and will increase each iteration to the next multiple.
My example does not contain parallel code, so it does not show the parallelism of the waiting functions!
Nevertheless, understanding the shown behavior is the key. Because if the code running in parallel to the waiting requires less execution time than the wait function will wait, the behavior will be exactly as shown.
If the parallel code requires more execution time than the waiting, "Wait (ms)" is already finished and therefore the loop will immediatly continue with the next iteration (high CPU load!).
If the parallel code requires more execution time than the waiting, "Wait Until Nexty Multiple (ms)" will wait that long that the "Time Value" is again in line to an integer multiple of the "Time To Wait" (so this one keeps on running in parallel until waiting time is calculated and over). Hence, "Wait Until Next Multiple" will still introduce a waiting time (reduced CPU load), but you will "miss complete iteration slots".
As you can see, using a single "Wait Until Next Multiple" outside the loop for initialization can make sense if the first iteration should also have a "close to normal" execution time.
Please note that the Timed Loop does something similar once started. As it does it during the iterations, the first 1-3 iteration(s) are called "warmup iterations". Most often, the first single iteration is sufficient for this though....
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