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W-7 XP Mode and 32 bits LPT1 printers

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
This XP virtual mode is from a W-7 Ultimate 64bits and works well with a couple of 32bits devices, one of them a photo or slides scanner for digital conversion, and others 32bits programs.
My system is a Lenovo Laptop TP61p with a mini dock where I have access to a parallel port.
If I boot from a HDD with pure W-XP pro SP3 I am able to print to an Epson LQ-1050+ impact printer quite well. Same from Vista B SP2. This is also prove that the printers' cables are OK  
But I would like to avoid swapping HDD and do the same through the Virtual XP-Pro Mode of Windows-7 SP1. The program installed the printer OK and I can hear it initializing when the system is turned on, but I can't even get a test print. LTP-1 is properly
Is there a hack or a policy that could solve the problem? How can I make this work?
Anticipating a deluge of suggestions.

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Dear frinds,
I found the files and opened with Notepad . Was that the correct program?
This was the final result:
<floppy id="0">
<absolute type="string" />
<relative type="string" />
<port_type type="integer">0</port_type>
<connect_immediately type="boolean">false</connect_immediately>
<serial_port id="0">
<port_type type="integer">0</port_type>
<serial_port id="1">
<port_type type="integer">0</port_type>
         <parallel_port id="0">
<port_name type="string">LPT1 (378Fh-37Fh)<port_name>
<port_type type="ïnteger">1</port_type>
I placed it as instructed, bellow the serial ports. It did not work. That configuration file has backup and as I enter XP mode, there was no evidence of the hack. Going back to the files, no hack. Odviously the program execution put it back the original
way. I has been locking with suspicious the fact that there is a Parallel entry above the serial ports. I replaced with the modified lines and also in the backup file. This time XP Mode failed to start. Those files are surely protected. To get back
in, I had to boot with another computer and use the OS to modify the files on the HDD. Then shit hit the fan, because when I tried to save, this laptop has a rather sensitive touchpad and the whole directory disappeared. Fortunatly, my backup method is by
cloning into another drive and I was able to recover the original directory and save the OS.
While having a beer to recover, and to my great surprise, I was attempting a "futile" adventure. Attempted to install this old 32 bit impact printer into W7-64, since I had this LPT1 connection in the mini dock. Incredibly it did! and
worked. But I still need it in the XP mode.
Stressful day, so I will wait a couple of days while following your advice.
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