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Video in pdfs: Flash or QuickTime?

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I've been producing rich media pdfs for multi-platform CD delivery for some time now, using video clips in Quicktime format, FCPro and Sorenson Squeeze (have access to CS3 Master Suite). Should I switch to using Flash video now that Acrobat 9 is here? Advantages? Disadvantages? Where else might I go to stimulate some discussion of the pros and cons of this new option?
Appreciate any comments, opinions, predictions, guesses...experiences? Thanks!

The Best Answer

Using mov files works on both platforms, but requires Quicktime. You can
use Flash files which now run natively, but requires Reader 9 to run
things natively. Not everyone has Reader 9. Moreover, if you use legacy
multimedia so that it will run under newer and older version of Reader,
then you need the Flashplayer on the computer. The last requirements
isn't much of a problem since I believe something like 97% of all
internet connected computers have Flashplayer.
As Apple has tied Itunes together with Quicktime, more people have
quicktime as well---but no where near 97% penetration.