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Video duration changes when imported

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Hello! I'm having a problem importing video that is over 10 minutes long into after effects cs3. okay, when I import a video that is 10 minutes or longer in duration it comes into after effects with only 2 minutes of the video. A video that is 8 or 9 minutes, however, works fine and comes in as 8 or 9 minutes. Is this supposed to be like this or is something wrong? any answers would be great!
P.S. I did change the comp size. still didn't work.

The Best Answer

*eek* In that case it's most certainly a breakdown in the video CoDec. Dunno what camcorder you use, but with the recent swing towards AVCHD everywhere, anything is possible, as AE does not natively support this format. It solely relies on whatever CoDec you have on your system to play it back, which brings us to the important point: for the time being, you will have to convert the files externally to work with them in AE. This certainly can be done with some program that came bundled with the cam, but would also be possible using SUPER© or similar tools. Also, if you have Premiere, try to capture it to a different format. It does some on-the-fly trickery to handle various MPEG species that may resolve your issue.