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Video chat does not work.

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
Ive read countless posts and mine sounds about the same as everyone else's except one thing.
I just bought a brand new Macbook last week. I do not have a .Mac account so I use my AIM screen name. My boyfriend also has a brand new Macbook but his is a Macbook Pro. I do not know alot of about internet connections and all of that but we both have wireless. He uses 'linksys' and I use a connection that is set under my last name. This is the thing that is different from everyone else. Every post Ive read, people are using linksys. When I try to switch to linksys, I lose my connection so I figure I should just keep using the connection under my last name. My mom also has wireless internet in her computer but she uses a dell.
ANYWAY, the point is I cannot start a videochat with my boyfriend. He is able to connect with everyone else but me. When I try to start a video chat it says that I didn't respond, same goes for when he sends the invite.
If you need any more info, I would be happy to attempt to give it to you. I am not a pro with this Macbook because I have used a PC for about 10 years.

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Hi 1956x,
It sounds like you are reading somewhere in System preferences > Network and possibly a Location setting in the first drop down.
After that if that guess is right you will ned to tell us more about the IP addresses and settings in the TCP/IP tab and what the device your computer is connected to ?
If that is a Linksys router we could do with knonwing how many computers are connected to the device and what modem it is connected as well.
We may need more info on the modem set up as well.
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10:49 PM Tuesday; June 27, 2006