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Vendor create process using workflow

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I have been assigned a project to desgin a process to automatically create a vendor. below is what I think has to be done. can this be reviewed to see if this is the correct approch and if not, suggest a better approach.
1) the vendor will sign onto our portal and submit their information to have them created as a vendor in our system. this information will be stored in a custom table
2) the portal process will have a ABAP program that generates the screen for the user to enter thier data. this program will also start a workflow that will send a notification to a person inside our company for them to review the information and decide weather the vendor can be added.
3) if the person approves the request, the workflow will submit a process to create the vendor, and send a approval email to the vendor
4) If the person rejects the process, the workflow will send an rejecction email will be sent to the vendor
I am in charge of creating the workflow and submitting the vendor create process
thanks in advance for the help

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Hi Anil
Take a look at the Workflow collateral located on
I'd also suggest looking at the Sample Workflow Processes included with Oracle Workflow.
There are also some on demand Oracle iLearning courses ( which should be very useful for you.
Could anyone give me a case study describing how to create a new process using workflow builder? Where are the notifications saved in the database? Where is the process saved? Give me a general flow of events in the creation of, say a document management process wherein all these details are specified. A document containing the whole flow involved in the creation of a process using workflow builder. What all PL/SQL procedures I need to write and all. I have both workflow server and builder installed.
This would be of immense help.
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