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VB Like tree in Webdynpro Java

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
We are using Webdynpro Tree UI Control for displaying functional location hierarchy. However the standard webdynpro Tree does not display clear lines associating children's with its parents - VB Tree has these lines which is very useful for the users. We tried to work around this issue by creating icons with vertical lines in it. But we were not able to get continues lines and its hard to display multiple lines using icons.
Have anyone encountered the same issue?. if yes, how did you resolve it?.
is SAP planning to incorporate this requirement in near future?.

The Best Answer

Hi Arul,
I would suggest you use TreeByNestingTable Column element.
You can find it as Master Column in the Table UI element.
This will solve your problem because table row will solve the lines problem that you are facing.
Go through the following tutorial to get familiar with the element.
<a href="">Integration of Tree and Table</a>