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Using Quicken with new Macs

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I am using Quicken v.2001 on my G3. I have 2 operating systems installed on the computer (OS9.2 and OS10.1.5) I usuually start up in OS10, but because Quicken will not operate in Classic Mode, I change the startup to OS9.2 whenever I need to work in Quicken. This is the only application I have that really requires it.
I plan to purchase a new Mac this year which will come with the newest version of OS10. I plan also to use the newest version of Quicken on it--will there be problems with the latest version of Quicken on OS10.4 recognizing the files from such an old version of Quicken from an old operating system? Or will I need to update Quicken even before I quit using my G3 so that the transition will be smooth?

The Best Answer

A good accounting friend told me to make hard copies before upgrading any Quicken stuff. (hard copies = on paper!) Quicken doesn't play nice with its own data, let alone imported version data.
Good luck!
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