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Using in clause in oracle

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I am facing the following issue when trying to retrieve the data from a view.If i specify literals inside the in clause (example id's inside in clause) it's working fine,but when i try to use the subquery inside in clause to retrieve the id's from the base table it's taking longer time and no results are observed.I am trying to give the subquery inside in clause due to the in clause cannot handle literals(id's) more than 1000.
Any suggestions on this will help me a lot for this.

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user13469868 wrote:
... due to the in clause cannot handle literals(id's) more than 1000.
Any suggestions on this will help me a lot for this.I often do a simple approach. If I need an IN list with more then 1000 values, then simply use two more more in lists and the OR operator.
Example: instead of
select * from emp
where id in
( 1,
  1000,  /* problem point */
  2000,  /* problem point */
)I write the statement like this:
select * from emp
where (id in  /* see the addition starting parenthesis! */
( 1,
OR id in  /* start of the second list */
OR id in   /* start of the next list */
) /* remember to add the closing parenthesis */Edited by: Sven W. on Jun 28, 2011 4:39 PM - formatting
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