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Using home wifi to make phone calls

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Please someone - I have been reading info until I can't see! Will someone please give me some step by step instructions as to how to set up a C6 using a SIP client? I've seen almost every phone discussed but the C series. Thanks

The Best Answer

You are probably using the correct password. If you are using a shorter password than what is allowed you can suffer the problems of incompatible implementations of WEP. If you are using WEP you should be using 128 bit WEP. That is stronger than 64 bit WEP but not very strong. The maximum length password for 128 bit WEP is 13 ASCII (normal human) characters (which is 26 hexadecimal characters). If your WEP password is not that long, you should change the WEP password at the AirPort Express (AX) so that it is that long.