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Using Adobe CS2  with mc book pro intel duo core 2,16 .17"

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As a designer working on high definition heavy graphic files intended for digital printing, i am about to go for mc book pro 2,16 duo core and 2gb ram.
I need to use CS2 (photoshop, illustrator) and know that it is not a native soft version, so not otimized for this processor. Any how, I just cannot wait CS3 (Adobe says 2007 whenever they are ready !), so I need advise of professional users of such applications on this mc book pro intel duo core 2,16 17".
I heard pretty scary rumours about such a professional use.

The Best Answer

CS runs beautifully, with really no lag at all. Keep in mind that I haven't gotten to upgrading from 1 GB RAM to 2 yet, since my tablet died and I needed to replace that. I just installed CS2 last week, and there is a lag, and we'll soon see if more memory helps. Everything works fine, no crashes, etc., but there is in my opinion a noticeable difference in loading time, and various other tasks within the apps take longer. Again, CS2 works just fine, but the performance of CS is much better.