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Urgent Question:Indesign won't start up

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
the program indesign from CS5 Design premium has decided to just stop opening & running. I've re installed it 2x. It won't accept updates. this is ridiculous. Pay a lot for the programs so its not fun when they just stop working.

The Best Answer

Some of my suggestions
If you are using windows OS, you can try opening the application as "Run as Administrator".
while installing the Design premium, did you install the full pack or just InDesign. try installing full pack or vise versa.
check for the system requirement before installing the software.
login to your system as admin and try installing it again.
if anything did not work, try installing it in another computer. If it works then the issue could be in your OS. you can format and install the OS again.
last chance is contact Adobe support.
hope it helps.