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Urgent HELP! need for my Zen touch (20

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Right here we go. I bought my zen touch online last year from a well known supplier. Absolutly brilliant mp3 plaey and happy with the value for money i got. The player did freee alot since i got it at inappropiate times eg. When i was on holiday and had nothing to reset it with. Recently i have been experiancing alot of problems. First one is that it froze so i reseted it, all seemed well until the Welcome screen came on and stayed like that for 0 mins and then it resumed back to normal. This has since continued. 2nd problem is every time i add a song from the computer (same process that i have been using since i got it) all seems well until.... i turn the player on select any song to play and the player results in PLAYBACK ERROR. So i reset , the player then freezes for another 0 mins and then is back to normal. This also has continued. And third and finally everytime i reset now i get the message rebulding libary and it is almost done and yet low and behold freezes again for another 0mins. Also i need urgent and quick help as my warrantty runs out in days. PLEASE HELP!!!! and to add to this i have tonight installed a new firmware and still experiance same problem. And almost forgot the player freezes for 0mins after every chargeMessage Edited by ruane89 on 09-30-2005 07:8 PM

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ruane89 wrote:how long does this disk clean up tkae and what does it actually do?
As per the FAQ post:
How long should a Disk Cleanup take?
It should only take a few minutes, and no longer than 30 minutes. Anything longer than this and there is a problem with the player and you need to contact Creative Support.
If this doesn't solve it then you really just need to follow the steps in the "My Zen is not starting properly, or goes into rescue mode, what should I do?" section of the FAQ post.
As igedit says, the player does sound faulty unfortunately, so I would contact Creative Support.
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    Right here we go. I bought my zen touch online last year from a well known supplier. Absolutly brilliant mp3 plaey and happy with the value for money i got. The player did freee alot since i got it at inappropiate times eg. When i was on holiday and

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