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Upgrading Memory - Starts beeping

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Hi, I have tried to upgrade my RAM from 4gb to 6gb
Right now, I'm running Elpida 2x2gb ram, single mode.
Can't get it to work with dual channel /:
And now I tried to use 2x1gb Kingston ram
Both the elpida ram and kingston are 1333 mhz.
But I can't get it to run in dual channel mode /:
Can someone please help me here.
I'm using IPISB-CH2 motherboard.
- TaGGii
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Please identify your desktop PC with its product name and product number.
If you are upgrading and want the upgrade to work right the first time:
1) Only replace memory in pairs of guaranteed compatible memory modules from well known manufacturers.
2) Find compatible memory by searching online with your desktop PC's complete product name + upgrade memory as keywords in the search.
4) Do not use the memory specifications from mtherboard specifications to match with memory modules that are sold by a vendor. Using this crapshoot method is a financial risk. It definitely increases chances of  a PC not even passing the POST (power on self test) of the BIOS during the PC's boot process. It does not take advantage of a manufacturer's big selling point...Guaranteed compatibility.
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