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Upgrade to CS5 from CS4 Performance issues

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This was originally posted in the Creative Suites section.  Bob Levine suggested I try a specific program forum to get better attention.  It has been a present performance problem for me with Premier Pro and Photoshop so I shall try here.
I have been using CS4 for several months on a new i7 quad 64bit PC with 4 x 1TB HDs and 12GB RAM.  When I use Photoshop or P.Pro, the performance is fast for several operations but slows down as I progress to a snail pace.  At times, I have rebooted the PC to get up to speed again.  I do not know if this is a problem with the CS4 32 bit program working on a 64 bit machine, even with Photoshop.  Perhaps I am clicking too fast.  If I install the source file on a separate drive to the C drive and send the output file to a third drive, performance improves as expected.  Perhaps timing within/between drives and the 32 bit program may be a problem on a 64 bit PC.  I have ordered an upgrade to CS5 hoping that a 64 bit program will provide better performance on the 64 bit PC.  Naturally the PC performance is expected to be faster, but will the performance that slows down to a snail pace improve?

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Thank you all for your information.
I am beginning to imagine that because of the increased speed in dealing with data, an i7 quad 64 bit PC has a challenging time to switch and route the stream of data to the various processing and temporary/permanent storage locations.  It could be that dealing with 32 bit data for the demands of video editing compounds the problem.  I may have one or several slower components in the new PC.  In anycase, I am hoping that dealing directly with 64 bits will improve the performance.  If this does not and without further suggestions from the forum, I will have the performance of the PC components thoroughly tested for compliance to the required speed specifications.
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    This was originally posted in the Creative Suites section.  Bob Levine suggested I try a specific program forum to get better attention.  It has been a present performance problem for me with Premier Pro and Photoshop so I shall try here. I have been

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