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Updating Pages 09 failing due to "eligible keynote" error

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
"An eligible Keynote application was not found in the location /Applications/iWork '09" is the error I'm getting.
Before you suggest the following:
a.) make sure I have a folder in my applications folder called iWork '09
b.) that it's named exactly that.
c.) that it's not an alias.
d.) there is a Keynote 09 app!
I have said directory structure -> Applications/iWork '09. 
A few years back I downloaded the trial version, and I bought an upgrade from there (this was before the app store). 
Long story short, I can't update!
I've loaded the iWork 9.04, 9.1, 9.3 updaters with the exact same results!
Any suggestions ????

The Best Answer

iWork 9.3 is the latest update for iWork 09 (Pages 09 etc.).