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Unknown Server error, again and again

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I have to delete my ../OOBE/opm.db file every two to three days to get past the 'unknown server error' CC login. Is there a more permanent solution? I did all the updates.
This is really annoying. I open a file. I get a 'font not present' error because CC didn't sync my Typekit-fonts. Close file. Quit CC. Navigate to folder. Delete opm.db file. Open CC. Wait for font sync. Open file... At my hourly rate this is dubbeling the monthly cost of CC!!! I just need my software to work, especially at these rates! (Sorry for the rant, but this bug is getting on my nerves).
(Mac pro on Mountain Lion)

The Best Answer

Hi enesbaskaya,
Opm.db could be found in user Library which is hidden in 10.7 or above. Please follow the kb: and try to delete opm.db.
Romit Sinha
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