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Unable to transfer iTunes Library to external Harddrive

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I followed the online directions and tried to transfer my iTunes library to my external hard drive, but it wont do it and I get the message "required file is in use".  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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stelladuce wrote:
How do I properly open iTunes now with my library on th external drive. When I open iTunes it seems unable to open Music/ podcasts and audiobooks now?
iTunes is still looking for the iTunes Folder that you deleted. Just open iTunes and then select iTunes at the top menu bar, then select Preferences. When the Preference windows opens, select Advance, select General and you will see the old location listed. Now click the Change Button and from the popup window, navigate to the New iTunes Library Folder Location on the external drive and select it. Then click the Open button and the new path to the iTunes Library should now be set. Click the OK button to close the Preferences window and If iTunes doesn't open them, just quit & reopen iTunes.
That should doit.
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