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Unable to send mail, can receive mail

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I'm working on my mother's computer. It's sent mail just fine. All of a sudden it can't send any mail, receives mail just fine. I've been reading previous posts. I tried entering port 587 in the server port. I changed use authentication to password, checked user name, and password. We get an error message that mail is unable to send and will remain in the outbox. This time after we changed to the port 587when we tried to send a message: we got a message to re enter our password. It never asked that before.
We plan on checking with verizon tomorrow to see if they can help from their end. I hate being caught in these loops, my guess is they'll say it's the computer. Can anyone help us?? What else can we do? We have 6 messages sitting in the outbox unable to send any.

The Best Answer

Unless Verizon's SMTP server requires and supports authentication, changing the authentication from None to Password will have no effect.
Try deleting and re-creating Verizon's SMTP server and if there are any SMTP servers available to choose from not being actively used by any account, delete those.