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Unable to connect to: End User Layer Library -

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Hi, I have a problem about the Discoverer Desktop connection using Application users. I'm working with Discoverer 10g and eBS 11.5.9
So.., all my application users work perfectly when I login with Discoverer Viewer, but when I try to login with Discoverer Desktop (the Oracle application user check box is checked),I have the following behaviour:
unable to connect to: End User Layer Library -
This happens in production where recently they changed the password of the user APPS.
In which way can I re-login with my previous Application users ?
Is there anywhere a connection with the APPS password and the definition of Application users ?
Thanks in advance

The Best Answer

Hi Gianluca, thanks for your reply !
Yes the versions are the same...but the problem is another one...
When I connect with an application user from the Desktop, the connection on the DB is not made with the application user, but always with the user 'APPS' !!
The problem is that on the DB there is a control which automatically kills all the APPS I can't connect with the Desktop on the EUL.....
So, now my question is:
Why does Discoverer Desktop connect to the DB (and consequently to the EUL) with the user APPS, instead to make a connection with the application user I wrote into the initial connection form ???
Somewhere can I modify this behavior ?