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Ubuntu on MBP Dark Screen

Update:12-06Source: network consolidation
I have a macbook pro 13-inch [mid-2010].
I have installed rEFIt, and using this article [], have succesfully installed Ubuntu.
Everything seems to run fine from boot to rEFIt menu to GRUB menu and then to login screen, but after I login, the computer bothers me to not use Unity [apparently my hardware is not supported. Hmm.]. I login again using Ubuntu classic, hoping for some better news, then bam, everythings fine and dandy, except for one thing. The screen is too dark!
Would this be a hardware issue, or software issue, and what can I do to correct it?
[Also, how can I activate the wireless module ubuntu?]

The Best Answer

Well you need to install drivers for your hardware, your using the default settings.
Hit your Additional Drivers program and run that, reboot. (won't get 3D so dont' bother)
Then hit the Ubuntu Software Center and search for "unity 2D" and install that. Reboot and enable