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Typing text in multiple text boxes simultaneously

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Is is possible or is there a way or a plugin that will allow me to type a number in one text box and it will appear on multiple other text boxes in the same document. My scenario is I am running 15-up business card type layouts and I am trying a add a job # to each of the backside of these 15 cards by typing it once. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

The Best Answer

Single line? I wouldn't expect a job number to be multi-line.
Unstyled? What makes you say that? Any style (including a nested one) applied to the section character placeholder on the master page would be used. I don't have experience in CS3, but I would like to believe that the text variables would behave the same way. From the behavior I've seen on the InDesigner videos, that is the case.
Something more complex, such as a multi-line thing, would naturally require a more complex solution. But, for the task as outlined in the original post, the suggestions should be sufficient. Based on John's response, whichever solution he used worked well enough.