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Two iPhotos on Launchpad

Update:12-10Source: network consolidation
I recently got a new computer for college. It is a a v.10.7.4, 15 inch, 2.4 GHz processor MacBook Pro, and has gotten all the most recent Software Updates. However, following my iPhoto 9.3 update, I noticed an issue. In Launchpad iPhoto appears twice, even though it is only one application.
iPhoto can be seen to the far-right in the second line and at the right of the bottom line. When I try clicking on them both it just leads me back to the same window. iPhoto only appears once in the Applications folder.
Any ideas for getting the second photo to disappear?

The Best Answer

Launchpad will display an icon for each copy of an application that is currently installed (as well as any aliases to those applications), so you will see more than one icon for an application if you have more than one version of the application installed or aliased. So did you create any aliases of this app on your computer? I suspect this is your problem. Find the alias & delete it.