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Two colums in F4 help

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Hi Folks,
i want to restirct the hit list in selection screen( F4 hlp). i am using the FM F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST. my requirment is i want display the filed Cred.rep.grp(KNKK-SBGRP) along with another field Cred.contr.area(KNKK-KKBER) in the same window.
please tell me ho to dispaly the two colum in one f4 help screen?
thanks in advance
p r i y a

The Best Answer

Hi Priya,
You can do as Rich said to include two fields in your internal table and if you want to read multiple values based on the F4 selection, look at this code.
parameter: p_fname like z340b_md-fname.
tables: z340b.
DATA: BEGIN OF itab_details OCCURS 0,
ID like z340b_md-id,
fname like z340b_md-fname,
lname like z340b_md-lname.
DATA: END OF itab_details.
DATA it_return LIKE ddshretval OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE.
itab_details WHERE fname eq p_fname.
APPEND itab_details.
SORT itab_details BY ID.
CLEAR itab_details.
retfield = 'ID'
window_title = 'Physicians details'
value_org = 'S'
value_tab = itab_details
return_tab = it_return
parameter_error = 1
no_values_found = 2
IF sy-subrc = 0.
CLEAR itab_details.
READ TABLE it_return INDEX 1.
itab_details-ID = it_return-fieldval.
READ TABLE itab_details WITH KEY ID = itab_details-ID.
if sy-subrc eq 0.
write: / 'id:', itab_details-id.
write: / 'firstname:' , itab_details-fname.
write: / 'lastname:' , itab_details-lname.
REFRESH itab_details. CLEAR: itab_details.
The idea is that, FM 'F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST' returns one value which you use to read the values of other fields from the internal table.
hope this will help you.
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