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TV Recommendation For Bright Living Room

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Despite my wife's displeasure with my pursuit of another television, I need a recommendation for one 65" or larger that would work for my living room that has several windows.  The 65" Panasonic Plasma I currently have works great during hours of darkness, but during the day all I see are reflections.  I plan on moving that one into my bedroom.  Any thoughts?

The Best Answer

I have a 46" Sony LED TV located in my bright living room. There are many windows on 2 opposite walls that face NE and SW, with lots of sunlight. But the light never reflects on the screen. Even at night, when the overhead light is on in the nearby dining room. That light doesn't reflect in the screen, or have any type of negative impact on the picture.
I previously had an old Tube Type Sony TV in the same location. Which was not worth watching during daylight hours because of too much light being reflected on the screen.  
For a bright room. LED is probably your best bet.  
Good Luck