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TS3376 The app Find iPhone works on 3G, but not on Wifi

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
After installing the new update for iPhone, the app "Find iPhone" can not locate itself when using wifi, but it can locate my iPad. The problem does not happen when using 3G. Anyone knows how to solve this problem with wifi? Thanks a lot.

The Best Answer

Is that the page an iPhone user goes to by themselves, or is that the one they are supposed to be redirected to? I'm thinking the issue lies on if there is supposed to be a redirect. The iphone 5 has a much larger pixel density, so when you create a script that redirects based on a pixel height and width, the iphone looks more like a PC, especially the 5 at 1126x640.
Someone should be along shortly that will be able to help you out more than I can. For the time being, you should go through your site and take care of the code errors. Check your site against the validator here:
MANY display problems will be caused by invalid code and right now, the mobilesite.php page has over 230 errors.